I'm building the self-improvement app I always wanted. You might like it too.

Tapas is a self-improvement app that unifies (and expands on) ideas from habit building and gym workout tracking apps. Screenshots of prototype which is currently under development.

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Database of exercises, programs and health protocols

There is a wealth of information online, but it's chaotic. Tapas aggregates information from multiple sources (including content creators) and pulls up the needed information right when you need it. (see RKC Plank screenshot)

Open source

Anyone can copy the app, make improvements, and collaborate in communities. If official development stops, you are never locked out. The database can freely be used by other applications.

Variety is the spice of life

  • Mix various forms of workouts (e.g. yoga, weight lifting). Blend in unplanned activies like skiing or mountain biking. Tapas knows which muscles you worked and adjusts the program automatically.
  • Express goals or programs as muscles worked or stretched, Tapas auto-suggests exercises.
  • Unlike habit trackers, Tapas separates the means from the end. For example, a cardio goal can be met by doing cardio sessions, but also by weight lift sets with minimal rest times or a sauna visit. A thai massage checks off many stretching goals at once.

Generate dynamic workouts or exercise snacks each day

  • Due to travels, being spontaneous and changing daily schedules and equipment, I cannot stick to a predefined workout program.
  • Tapas follows health advice from experts and suggests full gym sessions or quick in-between-meetings exercise snacks or stretches, based on my goals, what my calendar looks like and muscle recovery needs.

Goals management

Combine long term goals ("get healthy"), seasonal ("prepare for skiing"), and temporary ("fix mobility issue") goals. Rather than a long list of goals (habit trackers) or overly simplified ones (e.g. build muscle vs fat loss), I want to manage goals in an organized way. Overlaping goals are OK, the app will figure it out.

Free & no ads

I have no plans or need to monetize tapas. There are no payments, subscriptions, or ads. No signup/login, no trials.

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